Weight Management: Enough is Enough

So, in the earlier sections, I discussed that we have to balance the amount of Calories (food potential energy) with the amount we expend. This is the key to managing weight. To lose fat, we have to expend more energy than we tak in.

So how much should that be?

We need to find out how much we use given our size, lifestyle, etc. Fortunatly that is easy enough to find. Numerous web sites offer Calorie Limit estimators, and I find most of them close. I am offering one that is fairly simple, but flexible, and from a reputable source:

Calorie Allowed Calculator

This will get you started. Keep in mind that as you lose weight, your calorie needs will DECREASE! Be sure to go back and check from time to time as you lose weight.

What I did was to set the calculator up for my TARGET weight. I began my lifestyle change based on the allowed Calories for someone who weighed 175 pounds--the doctor-happy weight I was shooting for. I learned to live at this limit, and watched the weight drop off over the next two years.

You might do this in steps--start off your regimen living on what you will need at 25 pounds lighter.  When you get there, drop it another increment until you get to your target weight.

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