Weight Management: Rev up the metabolism--Burn more part 3

There are a number of proven ways to rev up the metabolism. Doing so will help you burn more Calories and make weight management easier.

The number of plans available that claim to do this is huge. There are far too many to review them all here, and far be it for me to judge their efficacy. However, have a look at some tips from WebMD that are general and definitely worth considering.

Check out these WebMD Tips!

Summarizing them, we see that, to rev up your metabolism, we can:

1. Put on some muscle mass. Putting on muscle mass causes our body to use more energy--that is burn Calories.
2. Exercise burns Calories while you are exercising AND after you stop. 
3. Get enough sleep--a sleep deprived body slows down and burns less energy. 
4. Eat smaller, more frequent meals. (As discussed earlier, this keeps the metabolism going AND helps you feel less hungry.) 
5. Eat right. Eat balanced snacks including vegetables and healthy proteins. 
6. Pick fish when possible or take an omega-3 suppliment. The omega-3 fatty acids, some have found, boost metabolism. 
7. Move. Stand instead of sit and walk instead of stand. The more you move, the more you rev up the metabolism.

These are just a few tips to rev up your metabolism. An Internet search will turn up, no doubt, thousands of plans. If you consider any of them, be sure to make sure they are soundly researched. Always, of course, make sure any changes you make fit your medical condition and are approved by your doctor.

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